Although it’s hard to pick the absolute worst nightmare that any home seller could experience, one that ranks up there at the top is having a buyer disappear during the transaction process. The disappearance of a buyer can trigger a nervous breakdown, especially so when you have remodeled the house, spent huge amounts of time and effort to locate buyers, and been involved with negotiations for much longer than you expected. Yes, that would be a serious nightmare perhaps only topped by someone actually stealing your home.

Fortunately, there are ways to avoid such personal home selling disasters. The following tips will decrease the likelihood of this unhappy scenario taking place:

1. Work with a known realtor: Hire a realtor that you know and who has proven experience in helping people buy and sell properties. In all likelihood, such a realtor will be using devices and software that speed up and improve real estate transactions which in turn make it much less likely for a buyer to suddenly disappear.
2. Use technology that improves transparency: Deals are more likely to go through when there is good, open communication among all parties involved. Technologies that improve communication and make it much more transparent strengthen trust.

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Published on July 10, 2012