When a REALTOR meets with a client, there are a number of situations that could turn a regular, easy-going day into a veritable nightmare. The following rank among the worst of those unfortunate occurrences that could happen to any unprepared REALTOR:

“Where’s the Wi-Fi?”: These are just about the last words that a REALTOR wants to hear after fighting traffic to get to that restaurant on the other side of town for a meeting with a client whose schedule is busier than a Manhattan rush hour. Although the loss of an Internet connection is unlikely, it does happen enough to warrant proper preparation. The easiest solution is carrying a Wi-Fi detector and having a map of other Wi-Fi spots in the area. Another option would be to purchase a mobile hotspot to use in emergencies. Most wireless carriers can bundle the cost with your existing cellular plan.

Unprepared clients: One of the other major peeves for agents is meeting with clients who make no preparations for the reunion. To keep from wasting anyone’s precious time, the agent should remind the client about what to bring and/or consider, and use interactive documents that promote transparency.

Forgetting very important papers: Reaching into the briefcase to pull out some vital documentation and coming up with nothing is a surefire way of provoking a sickening, sinking feeling of unparalleled proportions. It might be best to avoid that scenario entirely by maintaining archives of such documents in the cloud and bringing devices that can easily retrieve them.

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Published on July 17, 2012